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“Khun Kao Promotions” was founded in Autumn of 2006.  Our goal was to provide a venue for up and coming Muay Thai fighters to test their skills in the ring.  At that time, Mixed Martial Arts events were taking over the combat sports scene, and it was becoming increasingly more difficult for local Muay Thai fighters to get the opportunity to compete.

We began promoting events on December 16, 2006 with a Muay Thai Interclub/Smoker which was held at Pro-Fitness Martial Arts Center in Sterling, VA.  Six local teams participated and 8 matches were held.  We followed up this event by teaming up with Valhalla Promotion, and our next Muay Thai Interclub/Smoker was featured as the undercard of their MMA event on March 17, 2007 at the Dulles Sportsplex in Sterling, VA.  We then returned to Pro-Fitness Martial Arts Center for 2 more Interclub/Smokers that year, and began offering Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) on our fight cards.  During this time, Khun Kao Promotions established a reputation for offering competitive Muay Thai matches for fighters throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, with teams traveling from as far as Virginia Beach and Pittsburgh to compete in our shows. 

Beginning in 2008, Khun Kao Promotions has expanded the scope of its operations, now featuring novice level amateur MMA matches (fighters with 3 or fewer MMA fights) and has relocated to a new venue, the Sports Center at Lansdowne, VA.  Our first event included 8 Muay Thai and 4 MMA matches.

Khun Kao Promotions pride ourselves on being the FIRST promotions company to offer FULL RULES Muay Thai (elbow & knee strikes are permitted to the head) in the State of Virginia!  We stake our reputation on providing fair and even matches for all competitors, and we make every effort to provide full disclosure of fighter’s ring experience.  We feel that quality is better than quantity when we begin our matchmaking process, and would rather have fewer fights on our show than subject our participants to mismatches.

Khun Kao Promotions is committed to providing a quality experience for our participants and our guests.  One of our primary concerns is in educating the martial arts and fight community regarding the proper criteria for officiating and scoring Muay Thai bouts.  Therefore, we have chosen to sanction our combat sports events through the Global Combat Alliance (GCA).  Having had the opportunity to work closely with numerous combat sports sanctioning bodies during the last 2 decades, we have unanimously selected the GCA as the sanctioning body that most closely matches our commitment to professionalism and excellence.  Please visit:  GCAFIGHTS.COM for more details on the GCA, it’s rules, regulations, events calendar, and event’s results.



BROOKS MILLER (Founder/Executive Director)

Brooks Miller has been involved in the sport of Muay Thai since 1992.  He has won 3 U.S. East Coast MuayThai Championship Titles in 3 different weight classes.  He was a founding member of Por.Kru Kumron Vaitayanon’s (aka Master K) Suriya Sak Fight Team, and was awarded the title of "Kru" (instructor/coach) by Master K in 1998.

Kru Brooks has coached MuayThai in a number of gyms throughout the Washington Metropolitan area, including Lloyd Irvin's (Camp Springs, MD and Arlington, VA), One Spirit (Herndon, VA), and at CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA.  In addition to coaching and managing fighters, Kru Brooks is the USMTA's Director of Washington DC, Maryland, & Virginia, and serves on the GCA’s Muay Thai Advisory Board.  He is the moderator for MixedMartialArts.com’s Kickboxing Forum (the world’s leading Martial Arts website), and is a world-renowned author of Muay Thai articles and tutorials, having his work published in 147 countries worldwide!

visit Brooks @ brookscmiller.com

SCOTT HOWARD (Co-founder, director))

Scott Howard is the owner and head trainer at Evolution MMA in Sterling, VA.  He is also a co-founder of the GCA and co-owner of Valhalla Promotions.  Scott was the very first promoter to offer Muay Thai and MMA competition in Northern Virginia…..

GINA BLEVINS (Coordinating Director)
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JIM WILSON (Event staffing director)
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GLENDA MILLER (Chief Financial Officer/Medical Staffing Coordinator)

Glenda Miller is a certified Medical Assistant and works for George Washington University Hospital’s Surgical Department. She began training in Muay Thai in 1998 with Por.Kru Kumron Vaitayanon (aka Master K) and her husband, Kru Brooks Miller.  Glenda tried her hand at fighting in 2000, and while her career and education have since derailed her training and competing, she has never lost her love for the sport.  Glenda has remained involved in supporting the art, and she utilizes her medical training in helping both Khun Kao Promotions and the GCA staff their events with EMT’s and Ringside Physicians.

AJA HAMILTON (Ringcard Girl)
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ROBERT SWAIM (Videographer)
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